How to own your own house

Yes, you have waited for too long staying with that dream. With these simple tips from small starters but now big owners of enviable property, it wont be long before you are smiling away with satisfaction under the serene comfort of your very own house.

1. Have a BIG Dream: Owning a property requires that you have big dream. You need lots of cash, motivation and human resources. The BIG dream keeps the dream of owning your own house alive!

2. START small: If it is going to be yours, you need to own the process! Start with what you have. Start saving, start putting the resources together, start planning and of course, start spending!

3. USE HABITAT!: Habitat connects you with all the professionals you need resident right within your community. Since Habitat is on QUICKHELP, just send the required service “like I need a good Architect in Lagos¬†and you’ll get the a response immediately. Habitat also provides useful tips on building and owning properties in Nigeria.

So whether you are aiming for an apartment or a Villa, START NOW! Its all possible on HABITAT.

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