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Channel tufting can be separated into two distinct categories, channels and tufts.

They are arranged in a series of tubes or pockets, popular in many versions of channel tufted sofas with chaises, channels are sections of furniture padded for design and increased comfort. Usually, these pockets are arranged in a vertical pattern, though they are available in a horizontal design as well. To form this pattern, designers lay out the fabric onto the furniture and mark it; they then cut and sew or button the material into the furniture. The choices of the designers can yield wide and flat channel tufts or thin and puffy ones. shop now

Pure tufted bedroom furniture does not feature any form of channels and is instead created, usually, by sewing buttons into fixed positions on the fabric that then produces a similar effect to pure channeling, separating the fabric into sections to further secure the stuffing and keep the padding stationary.

Now that you have a better understanding of what channel tufting is and the process of making it, let’s move on to styles.

Finally, Channel Tuft and Other Styles under bedroom furniture

Some sofas are purely channeled pieces of furniture. This is different, though still notable, than channel tufting, as the process tends not to produce visible channels. The sewing lines will be thick and puffy and only appear in a vertical or horizontal pattern on the cushions. There are many different styles utilizing the varied patterns of channel tufting and with such a long and storied history, there are sure to be more to come.

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Bedroom furniture in Habitat’s stylish furniture additions for your living room or bedroom .

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